About the Author

Belinda Lynne Leathe was born on an island near the coast of Venezuela. The oldest of two, she grew up in the countryside surrounded by open land and lots of fruit trees. She had a pet goat named Meggie, who she took out on mornings to graze. She also has fond memories of spending vacations at the beach with her cousins.

At school, she loved English Literature and Geography. Her favorite childhood book was Rupert the Bear, which she admits she read over and over again until the cover fell off. Later, she grew very fond of Jane Eyre. Belinda Lynne also enjoys quoting Shakespeare.

She eventually left her hometown to further her education abroad in England where she lived for many years. During that time she visited and revisited many countries within the continent of Europe, but her travels did not end there. Overall, she found her experiences to be very enlightening.

Belinda Lynne always had a desire to write and share her enthusiasm for the natural wonder of the world, but her career and raising two daughters took precedence. Now that her daughters are grown, she was able to put pen to paper and fulfill her goal. Her countryside upbringing and her travels continue to be a source of great inspiration for her writing.